DNLA at the European Congress of SIETAR

Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research

At the end of May, DNLA was attending the European Congress of SIETAR – Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research.



What initially linked us to SIETAR is the integration-programs for migrants, refugees, but also long-term-unemployed, school-dropouts and other persons with need for special support, called DNLA INSKA. We want to successfully transfer these ideas, programmes and experiences of DNLA INSKA, where in Germany hundreds of participants – i.e. young people – are already profiting from – now to other countries and regions all across Europe.


And now after the conference, we can say, we definitely made good steps forward to achieve our aims with spreading INSKA, but we also achieved so much more: It was a wonderful congress, and we had so many good conversations, new contacts, and so many of the SIETAR-members we have been talking to were really, deeply, interested in our work with DNLA and in our ideas - this was amazing!
And the conversations we had during the congress were not just the sometimes common, superficial exchange which you might find at other occasions, but it has been deep, detailed, very friendly, constructive and also “hands-on”, to the point.
Moreover, these exchanges did not only happen at our table at the sponsors area, during breaks or during the “World Café” on migration - they continued even right into the Gala dinner, and are seamlessly going on now via e-mail, per Skype and in personal meetings.


So DNLA and SIETAR – that´s two worlds that belong together. Or as Pari Namazie, the SIETAR EUROPA president puts it in an e-mail to us: “I am so happy this was a successful network for DNLA. We loved having you with us, I saw how well DNLA connected with our SIETAR network and members, this was a good win-win for all of us. I always say once you experience SIETAR, you become a member for life, it is like a family and I hope DNLA remains with our family. I am sure we will find ways to work and grow together.”


We thank SIETAR and all the people who made this happen – here, we have to mention also i.e. our dear colleague Hakan Balci - for a wonderful conference in Dublin.
We´re sure that if we have the chance, that this will not have been the last SIETAR-event which we attended.

Want to know more? Check out SIETAR on the Internet! (https://www.sietareu.org/). For all those who work with people, in development programs or in integration programs, we can only highly recommend SIETAR - and why not join the family? A SIETAR-membership isn´t even expensive...




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