Sava Re d.d. (Reinsurance company), Ljubljana, Slovenija

Our company Resultant has been cooperating with sava RE for many years. The company uses DNLA tools for the personal development of its managers and young potentials.

We express our sincere gratitude for being a business partner of Sava Re.

You can read more in the reference by my colleague Klara Hauko from Sava Re, who is expertly managing the DNLA process.


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Among good people

Pozavarovalnica Sava d.d. (Sava Re) is a reinsurance company headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is the operating holding company of the Sava Insurance Group. Sava Re is the largest reinsurance company domiciled in Central and Eastern Europe, servicing more than 350 partners in over one hundred reinsurance markets worldwide, and the Group is one of the leading insurance groups in the region, with a presence in six countries of the Adriatic region. Company’s focus is on providing customized solutions for their clients‘ specific needs and ensuring a quick and efficient claims process. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of risk management and offer consulting services to help businesses assess and mitigate potential risks.




Through commitment and constant progress, we ensure security and quality of life.




We are building a customer-centric, flexible and sustainability-oriented insurance group.




We build relationships with care, integrity and respect. We exceed customer expectations by our ongoing effort to make improvements and strengthen relationships. We are active in relation to our natural and social environment.




By utilizing the DNLA systems, we have been able to make remarkable strides in acknowledging and cultivating the unique abilities of our employees. The DNLA approach provides a comprehensive framework that enables us to identify the strengths and potential of each employee, providing us with valuable insights that we can utilize to help them achieve their full potential.


This approach has allowed us to design customized training programs that cater to the specific needs of each employee, which not only enhances their professional development but also boosts their overall productivity.


As a result, our employees feel more valued and motivated, leading to increased job satisfaction and better retention rates.


Moreover, the DNLA approach helps us to create a culture of continuous learning and improvement, where we encourage and support our employees to take ownership of their growth and development. We provide regular feedback and guidance to help them overcome challenges and enhance their skills and competencies. Overall, the DNLA approach has proven to be a powerful tool for us in recognizing and nurturing the potential of our employees, which has ultimately led to a more engaged and motivated workforce.


Klara Hauko

Director of Human Resources Management

DARS d.d., Ljubljana, Slovenija

Dars has been a long-term business partner and DNLA user. Resultant has been consulting in the field of HR development and developing a quality internal environment and employee satisfaction in the organizations for over 20 years. We are also proud to have worked with DARS, Slovenia’s highway operator, since 2012. Together, we have co-created many great stories in building a modern HR system and developing their talent. Together, we are building an organisational culture that fosters growth, productivity and satisfaction for all employees. We are pleased to see that they are also using the DNLA system in their processes for developing leaders, identifying young potential and developing potential successors. We express our sincere gratitude for being a business partner of DARS.


You can read more in the reference by my colleague Helena Pleslič from DARS, who is expertly managing the DNLA process.


reference letter



We connect in a modern, safe and environmentally friendly way.


By building, managing and maintaining the motorways and expressways of Slovenia, we connect the country and provide our users with a safe and comfortable mobility. We take various measures to guarantee road safety and ensure an uninterrupted traffic flow on the motorway network. Special emphasis is given to raising awareness about a safe and tolerant driving style among users and the general public, as well as regular and timely reports on traffic conditions.




With just over 1200 employees, we are one of the largest companies owned by the Republic of Slovenia. Since the beginning of the company’s operations on January 1 1994, our main task has been the construction of motorways and or-ganisation of all related activities. On that day we also took over the management and maintenance of all already constructed motorways, infrastructure facilities and equipment, as well as toll collection. Additionally, we perform special tasks in relation to spatial planning and placement of motorways in space as well as acquisition of real property for the requirements of motorway on behalf of the Republic of Slovenia.




By taking modern approaches and acting responsibly towards the environment, we optimize traffic flow and ensure safety and comfort on the Slovenian motorway network.


  • 600 kilometres of motorways and expressways / Guaranteed traffic safety, free traffic flow and comfort for the highway network users.
  • Competent employees / Continuous enhancement of employee competence creating an inspiring, safe and engaging working environment.




With DNLA Expert Systems, we have successfully measured the social and leadership competences of our employees and obtained very useful information. This data has enabled us to better understand our employees‘ needs and their individual potential, so we can better plan their development plans and provide them with opportunities for progression. Using the DNLA tool has also brought us many other benefits. For example, it allowed us to identify and improve the performance of our teams, as we were able to better understand the dynamics between team members and help them improve their communication with each other. DNLA will also help us to select the right candidates for the various important business roles in our organisation more quickly and efficiently, as we have reliably assessed their social and leadership competences and skills. The entire process of implementing and interpreting the DNLA Expert Systems tool results was effortless and professional allowing us to obtain very useful information and use it effectively for HR development in our company. We strongly recommend this tool to anyone who wants to improve their organisation’s performance and develop their key employees.

Helena Pleslič

HR Department


DARS HR Department

Ippen Media, Ippen Digital, München.

Ippen Media, bzw. Ippen Digital ist ein „Hidden Champion“ in der Deutschen Medienlandschaft. Meisterlich ist auch, was dort in Sachen Personalentwicklung geleistet wird. Das Unternehmen wurde ausgezeichnet mit dem DNLA-Award 2022 für erfolgreiche Personalarbeit mit DNLA und für die Umsetzung des Konzepts „Personalbilanz“ mit DNLA. Damit wird eine Erfolgsgeschichte fortgeschrieben, die im Jahr 2019 begonnen hat. (-> Mehr dazu hier).

Entgegengenommen wurde der Preis von Oliver Grubert, Managing Partner Assessment & Development bei SELECTEAM und von Kerstin Schöffner, Head of People & Culture bei Ippen Digital.

Die „Highlights“ der Präsentation vom Jahreskongress sehen Sie direkt hier:

Weitere Infos hier im ausführlichen Beitrag zum DNLA-Jahreskongress.
Antworten auf Ihre Detailfragen gibt Ihnen bei Bedarf gerne Oliver Grubert.

KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse

Im Rahmen unseres internen Talentmanagement-Programms nutzen wir seit mehreren Jahren erfolgreich die DNLA-Analyse (ESK, MM) und profitieren von den professionellen und umfangreichen Auswertungen für unsere Entwicklungsgespräche.

Wir schätzen besonders die schnelle, zuverlässige und kompetente Zusammenarbeit mit Herrn Gaugler aus dem DNLA-Team.

Unsere Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte empfinden die ausführlichen Impulse und Handlungsoptionen als sehr praxisnah und wertschätzend. Sie bieten eine gute Grundlage sich selbst zu reflektieren.

Andrea Karg

KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse

B09 – PEW Personalentwicklung

Hier können Sie das Testimonial KKH herunterladen.

Ford Finland – Oy Ford Ab

Attached, find an old reference to DNLA from Finland, which underlines the track record DNLA has achieved over the years. It shows both for how long DNLA is successfully in business already – for more than 25 years already – and that DNLA has been international right from the start.

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