DNLA-MSS-evaluation now available in English

Unfortunately, stress, strain and health problems are becoming increasingly common in the workplace. Fortunately, an instrument that can be used to measure, combat and, if possible, prevent stress in the workplace is now also available in English – the DNLA MSS – Managerial Stress Survey.

We have now translated the various text blocks (old and new ones) for the „Evaluation Participant“ into English.

This way, the DNLA MSS can be used to assess occupatonal stress in its various forms. To get a clear picture of the situation and to have an objective basis for discussing various aspects of the workplace with regard to their effects on the individual stress burden of employees and managers is the frst step towards improving working conditions and avoiding problems. This way, DNLA MSS can help to reduce stress and health-problems in the worklpace and can make a positive contribution to the health of employees.

Content of the DNLA MSS – Managerial Stress Survey:

DNLA MSS measures the current stress-burden in 6 main areas. These are

  • Influence of working environment & workload
  • Subjectively perceived stress triggers
  • Social environment, organisation, remuneration
  • Signs of acute stress
  • Symptoms of chronic stress
  • Changes in personality and behaviour

DNLA MSS - Managerial Stress Survey factors.

In total, 29 different aspects and subtypes of stress in the workplace are taken into account.

How can I get more information about the DNLA MSS – Managerial Stress Survey?

Would you like to learn more about the DNLA MSS? Further information for download is available here:

DNLA MSS - Managerial Stress Survey - sample report.
  • Sample report DNLA MSS: Available for download here.

If you would like to learn more about the DNLA MSS, please get in touch.

Markus Gaugler
Projektmanager DNLA GmbH

Markus Gaugler
Projektmanager DNLA GmbH

Tel.:   +49 2572/ 800 4108
Mail:  gaugler@dnla.de

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