We extend our tool portfolio for you and add the English version of the DNLA Team Analysis.

We are always aiming to further expand and improve our range of services for you, our customers and partners. And so we have now translated the DNLA Team Analysis (TA) into English so that it is also available to our international customers and partners.
What is the DNLA Team Analysis and what can you do with it? We briefly present that here.

What is the DNLA Team Analysis? (TA)

With the DNLA TA, you can analyze factors which are vital for a functioning team, for a well-developed team spirit and for good cooperation. The „environment“ in which the team operates, i. e. team leadership, corporate culture and the organitzational environment of the team are also taken into account. So, the DNLA TA serves as a valuable tool for team analysis and team development.

The aim of the DNLA Team Analysis: Team Development and good cooperation!

What factors are part of the DNLA Team Analysis?

All in all, 69 different aspects are analyzed in the following categories:

  • Efficiency
  • Motivation
  • Organisation
  • Cooperation
  • Corporate culture
  • Environment (of the team)
  • Conflicting interests
  • Teamleader(s)
  • Team-Leadership

What makes the DNLA Team Analysis so special?

One thing that makes the survey special is that the questions on the individual areas are asked once individually to each team member, and then, formulated accordingly from their perspective, separately to the team leaders.

The answers are shown in a bar chart. The distribution of the answers and the individual percentages can be used to quickly and easily identify problem areas, i.e. factors with which everyone is dissatisfied.

Sample result for the factor "Information".

In addition, the factors in which the opinions of the team leaders and those of the team members diverge strongly also become visible. Here it is clear that there are different perceptions – and a direct need for discussion.

With the help of DNLA team analysis, important discussions and change processes are initiated.
The conspicuous results in the evaluations can be discussed directly at the top management level as well as in separete team workshops with all participants.

Those affected themselves are given the opportunity to address problems in an orderly manner and also to make direct suggestions for solutions and improvements.

Team discussion: Team Development.

The DNLA Team Analysis is thus a valuable analysis tool and also a catalyst for necessary changes and for urgently needed team and organizational development.

How can I get more information about the DNLA team analysis?

Would you like to learn more about DNLA Team Analysis? Forther information for download is available here:

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the DNLA-Team:

Markus Gaugler
Projektmanager DNLA GmbH

Markus Gaugler
Projektmanager DNLA GmbH

Tel.:   +49 2572/ 800 4108
Mail:  gaugler@dnla.de

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