equipe® Personalqualität – Joachim Studt

Joachim Studt

Wirtschaftspsychologe, WIPs  eV. -Präsident-
E-Mail: studt.equipe@t-online.de
Mobil: +49 (0) 176 / 41 89 62 87


  • HR Consultant Performance Improvement (CPU)
  • Wirtschaftspsychologe
  • Inhaber equipe® Personalqualität USOU
  • Partner & Auditor der United States Online University, www.usou.edu
  • ,HR-Berater, Spezialität „Unternehmernachfolge“ .

Target Groups: small to medium-size firms; job candidates, professional & executive level. Approach: application of assessment, training and business coaching to implement projects referring to the assessment of aptitude, selection and development of employees. Competency Management (CPU): provider and coordinating partner of the United States Online University (USOU) – Accredited Lifetime Member of AATD. equipe also adresses the succession planning at management level as a specific field of business change. The process of guidance is based on a 6-step program.





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