Zieblandstr. 43
80798 München

Jeff Aristy

Managing Director, Coach & Trainer
Tel.: +49 (0) 89 33090197

Bob Dignen

Author, Senior Leadership Coach & Trainer

Business English, Soft Skills & Coaching for Success

We help business professionals and organisations collaborate and communicate better internationally.


About us:


  • Starting in 2003, we worked with dozens of small to middle-sized companies delivering in-company English training.
  • Over time, we grew our team, adding interpersonal, intercultural and leadership training and coaching services to our portfolio to increase value to the client.


What we do


We provide innovative and tailored made business English training that support business professionals who work internationally. Our soft skills courses help develop in demand skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and leadership competencies. And with our team of certified business coaches, we help people cultivate self-awareness, foster resilience and ignite lasting change.


Who we work with


We have worked with over 150 organisations in Germany and in other countries. Some companies we work with are well known, but many of them are medium sized enterprises who operate in a variety of markets and industries such as IT, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and telecommunications.


What makes us unique


  • Understanding the significance of managing training costs while delivering impactful results for our clients
  • Dedicating time to understanding client needs to fulfil expectations
  • Evaluating training results to guarantee client value
  • Emphasising soft skill development, acknowledging their importance in corporate life
  • Providing all training and coaching in English, offering
  • non-native speakers an excellent opportunity to develop language skills


Why we do what we do


Simply put, our mission is to help people unlock their fullest potential, both professionally and personally. We recognise the complexities of corporate life, where conflicting priorities, diverse perspectives and the demanding nature of work can slow down communication, collaboration and relationship building. By empowering individuals to overcome these challenges, our aim is to help people foster deeper connections with others and with themselves. That’s how we help people to achieve more.

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