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Purvi Shah-Paulini

Business economist, intercultural coach & developer
E-Mail: purvi@shah-paulini.com
Tel.: +49 (0)251 2079773
Mobil: +49 177 3363421

Integral & Cultural Development of Individual and Organisation

Business comes about when people understand THEMSELVES and ONE ANOTHER


My mission is to initiate a transformation in society, business and politics that will result in future-proof solutions. This involves combining different disciplines instead of considering them in isolation. Over and above the disciplines, I know how valuable and long-lasting the connection between eastern wisdom and western knowledge can be for integral processes. I have been doing this successfully for years, which is all the evidence you need.

With me, your projects, your organization, your teams and therefore every person involved is given support and coaching that is effective on an integral, national and international basis.


Conflicts become solutions.


Moving away from the problem and towards constructive co-creation that can be carefully managed, pursued and implemented both internally and externally.


Integral organizational development


Are you interested in going beyond making your organization more sustainable?

The integral approach means considering all contexts. My ambitious aim is to develop comprehensive solutions.

Intercultural consultancy


Is your work international, or do you have plans for it to be? Do you plan on expanding abroad or want to gain more in-depth expertise?

I can offer you a bridge in the form of intercultural consultancy.


Integral management development


Would you like to improve your management team’s skills or those of your employees?

My coaching focuses on managing yourself so you can manage others.


Executive Mentoring and Coaching


Do you have management experience, but would like to develop further?

I can provide meaningful solution- and value-based support.



Who is this person who loves to build bridges?
Who is this person who firmly believes that business comes about when people understand ONE ANOTHER?


NAMASTE AND GOOD DAY! There could be no better symbol of building a bridge between two cultures than myself: Purvi Shah-Paulini.

Born of Indian heritage in Stuttgart, I grew up speaking the Swabian dialect and my native Gujarati.
Travelling for work: Many international trips, accompanying delegations and gaining in-depth insights into multicultural (primarily Indian) and German company structures to consolidate my expertise as a qualified point of contact when it comes to value and cultural change, change management, structural and organizational development for business and political organizations, German, international and multinational level.

I have been working in this area since 2005, first studying business administration then enhancing my expertise in change management and intercultural consultancy based on the integral approach. The business administration perspective considers indices, processes, targets, etc. Then, my profound integral perspective considers the person. The significant factors that make people different have, for a long time, been considered potential sources of error or cost factors. By changing how they do things, companies can also avoid this dead end.

My work and my passion make me an intermediary between people in organizations. I know from experience what tweaks need to be made, not only to meet the target requirements but to make a long-lasting difference in terms of both internal culture and external impact that goes way beyond the added value of merely meeting the target requirements.

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