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Dina Weiler

Head of Business Development, Ansprechpartnerin für Presseanfragen
Tel.: +49 6028 123 9800

DNLA-partner Simdustry uses the DNLA-tools in various development projects around the globe. Whenever a project is completed, they collect feedback from the participants. Coming from these feedbacks, here are some testimonials about the impact DNLA had on the company and / or the team. If you ike to explore them, you can find them below:


  • „After taking DNLA and its coaching, I have started to work on planning both personal and professional life. I have enough time now at my office to prepare and achieve business goals and projects. Every hour of my professional time has a value and never got wasted. Therefore, I achieved my annual business goal and I am ready for end year evaluation. In addition, I support my colleagues to become ready to achieve as I direct my interest on business but I still give time to socialise at work since I started to enhance my communications more effectively. My personal life is also in a good shape. I have planned quality time with my children and helped my wife in kids‘ education. As a family we have started to create a lifestyle for us and build a healthy daily routine as well. We fixed daily routine, we eat our meals together and we have a wish to a achieve every month. I have confident and happy.“
  • „We’ve observed a 15% boost in team productivity and a decrease in project delivery timelines, so these improvements are measurable.“
  • „DNLA has helped me to discover my leadership capabilities and improve my professional and personal life. I am currently able to find out strengths and weaknesses when working with people and try to be better. Coaching has provided me a way of thinking and keys to solutions.“
  • „I start thinking widely , new goals. I start taking care about other things in my life , not only my work. Built a good relationship with my colleagues.“


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