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Ana Petelinšek

Ana Petelinšek

Head of Assessment Department / HR Consultant
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Iva Bacan: „We have been using DNLA social competence and management questionnaires for several years now and are very satisfied with the amount and quality of information we get from them. We use DNLA tools in selection and development assessments for many of our clients and we are glad to hear their satisfaction about the reports and implications of the testing results. DNLA proved to be most useful in development projects where it gives us great insight into candidate’s strengths and areas for improvement when compared to other candidates in the same field of expertise. Information we get help us give development guidelines for our candidates and, in selection processes, help us identify what competences should the employer focus on most in onboarding and further development of the employee.

We would also commend the consulting approach by DNLA experts – they are available for help and technical support in every situation.“

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