New partner for DNLA in Finland: Welcome Tatu Pätiälä!

New DNLA-Finland partner Tatu Pätiälä will continue the successful way of Jan-Eric-Danielsson, who established and developed DNLA in Finland over the last 30 years and will go into the future together with us.

Welcome Tatu Pätiälä, the new partner for DNLA Finland:

New partner for DNLA FInland: Tatu Pätiälä

„Hello everybody. I am Tatu Pätiälä and I want to introduce myself as a new partner in Finland. I would like to thank Jan-Eric Danielsson for great work and I am excited to be part of the DNLA family and continue helping this family growth in Finland. I am a loving father, son, husband, friend, and a person excited about human potential.  I have over 20 years of experience of entrepreneurship in different branches.

I am a coach, consultant and I have been coaching our Finnish reserve groups in military over 6 years in leadership.  I would like to know you all eventually and be a supporting, inspiring and constructive member of DNLA family. I really believe in these products and services we are providing and I see bright future for us all. Hope to see you all in September in Emsdetten at the annual DNLA-congress.“

DNLA in Finland: A success story for more than 30 years

DNLA in Finland is a success story, and has ever been! DNLA-partner Jan-Eric Danielsson of Intelligent HR Systems Finland Oy is an elementary part of what DNLA is today. With projects and DNLA-applications for clients like NOKIA in Finland or like Ford Finland (Oy Ford Ab), or, more recently, REKA CABLES (REKA KAAPELI), Finland, Jan-Eric Danielsson and Intelligent HR Systems Finland have built an impressive track-record for and with DNLA over the years. Now Jan-Eric will pass the baton-and his experience-on to Tatu Pätiälä.

Jan-Eric Danielsson and Tatu Pätiälä: Partners for sustainable developement of organizations and people

More than "fire fighters" for problems in organizations:  Jan Eric Danielsson and Tatu Pätiälä of Intelligent HR Systems Finland

More than „fire fighters“ for problems in organizations: Jan Eric Danielsson and Tatu Pätiälä of Intelligent HR Systems Finland are your partners for sustainable development or people and organizations. And with DNLA, they offer an excellent tool to their clients to identify problems at an early stage and to be able to solve them already with small development measures.

Here’s to good cooperation! We look forward to working with you, for example in international, cross-border projects. Sincerely yours, Jan-Eric Danielsson and Tatu Pätiälä of Intelligent HR Systems, the DNLA-partners in Finland.

Learn more about Tatu Pätiälä:

If you want to learn more about Tatu Pätiälä, check out his Linkedin-profile and get in touch with him:

Tatu Pätiätä on Linkedin.

Tatu Pätiälä: Helping you unleash your potential and develop your influence * Transformational coach, mentor and public speaker * You are more powerful than you think!

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