Mike Hogan

Mike Hogan.

Mike Hogan

International Leadership & Communication Skills Trainer & Coach | Author & Speaker
E-Mail: hogan@simdustry.de

Who I am:


Hello, I’m Mike.

I’m passionate about supporting international leaders and their teams with effective leadership, communication and collaboration. I’m an international trainer and coach, communication skills trainer, teacher trainer, award-wining author and digital learning specialist. Aside from work, I like being outdoors, cycling and photography. I live in the UK and work globally.


What I do:


I support people in answering the question, „How can we become more effective?“ More specifically, I help leaders, teams and their organisations improve their communication, collaboration and leadership skills when working internationally and across cultures.


  • Key focus areas: international leadership & team development, effective international communication, leading through change, culture & engagement, personal effectiveness & wellbeing.
  • Over 20 years‘ international training and coaching experience across 25+ countries enabling leadership, team, and individual performance across numerous sectors, such as Automotive, Banking & Insurance, Tech / Edtech, Pharma, Construction, Manufacturing as well accredited leadership trainer for the agencies and institutions of the EU.
  • Award-winning author and digital content writer on international and cross-cultural communication, leadership and language development, entrepreneurship and innovation, and business and general English communication. Extensive experience in digital learning consultancy (design, development, delivery), teacher training and development, video and podcast recording for corporate training and educational publishing.
  • Business-fluent German-speaker (inkl. Coaching und Trainings auf Deutsch).
  • International keynote speaker on topics relating to cross-border communication and collaboration, leadership and virtual teams, employability and performance development, language development, digital learning and corporate training & coaching. I’ve also delivered Masters seminars on related subjects at universities in Denmark and Iceland.
  • Ex-Director + Board member with M&A experience | Ex-Head of People | Ex-Biz Dev Manager
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