Regula Buob

Turbenstrasse 9
4512 Bellach

Regula Buob

Tel.: +41 (0)76 390 31 15

I’m Regula Buob and my long-term goal is to help shape a future generation of leaders that change society both with their ideas and with their great spirit.

My job is guiding companies and individuals through the transition from startup to scaleup and eventually to international operations.

By asking the important questions, by calling things as they are, and by keeping the bigger picture in mind, I accompany young CEOs on their steep learning curve. Often I will add a puzzle piece from my treasure chest – my invaluable network, built over 20 years in this field.

The work I do with my clients makes them stronger leaders, more successful business people and healthier individuals.





    20 years of experience as a trainer and coach in national and international companies in the field of communication, presentation and leadership. See me in action in this short clip.


    HR Developer, offering trainings, HR consulting and support with recruiting, in various national and international companies.


    Consultant in personal development in individual, team and company evaluation with the concept of DNLA.


    German: native speaker // English: excellent // French: very good

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