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Measure the Intangible?

I myself had doubts yet was curious to learn more about DNLA, when a friend introduced the concept to measure my social & leadership capabilities some years ago. I knew so many tools during the last years during the Leadership Assessment, Talent Program, Team alignment and cultural change initiatives I was part of. At this point in time I found myself at a cross road in my personal and professional life as something has shaken me when my Mama and best friend passed away from cancer. Me, spending  60 and more hours a week in the Corp. World doing my best daily in the best interest of my company’s aspiration while living my value kit which I was convinced was the kit of my company too. As a consequence I rushed home during the weekends to spend a few hours with my dying Mum. Till then, it was the way it should be, so I thought. However, even the over-achiever bonus couldn’t help her staying….

Being arrived at that cross-road , I was not clear in my mind & heart where I really wanted to go as the options were multiple, however: going back was not part of it. I was lost as my heart and my emotional drivers e.g. my passion were not communicating with me as they used to…

Many of us know about the iceberg in the sea – the peak which is visible for human beings which stands for all what we see of human beings, their behavior, results, communication style, visuals etc. – here I was proficient in recognizing the different profiles, I thought. However, what we do not see is how the iceberg looks under the surface and that’s  interesting part: values, attitude and faith- things developed by  upbringing, incidences and the way Individuals were just created, drivers of Individuals . I knew, in this area I lacked a lot ! For me it is an art to be emotional intelligent, to be effective in communication and building effective relationships.

So, I did run the DNLA Pulse, an online questionnaire which should – according to the famous Max Planck Institute, Germany & my friend in Switzerland, measure my current capability level of my Social – & leadership competences; those which have been identified as the strongest correlation to personal success and satisfaction. More than this, it measured my results against my current benchmark group (CFO’s at this time) – scientifically based data intelligence and real-time! Wow.

The result and the debriefing surprised me with the non – surprises:  the results confirmed 99% what I felt, but with a painful and then relieving clarity of where I should better focus on now to heal things and to grow. The debriefing discussion was conducted in a sensible way – it’s not comfortable always to face your tigers, painful mostly but it’ s needed to get over to move on – Up!

It was for me a personal breakthrough as I knew now which direction I had to take: Set up SYNC Alliance Middle East with a global network and to drive Human Capital Growth in a tangible way- and yes, DNLA needs to be a part of it as DNLA became a part of me. Simple but much more: DNLA provides a tangible ROI of a Human Resource Development path of organizations and Individuals. After 9 months and a lot of work on and off the job, I have re-done my pulse and saw the improvements; I felt them before. At the end of a day – emotions connect and figures tell the stories!

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